Win elections / Run city
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Buy Mayors
Increase your collection of mayors. The more the better!
Run Cities
Win elections so that your mayors bring you income.
Make Money
Raise the level of your mayor by completing tasks and increase your earnings.
Transparent and secure
Fully onchain game with leveraging random outcomes in blockchain. Trustworthy and fair outcomes that are verifiable using cryptographic proofs.
Dynamic NFT
Dynamic NFTs are the logical next step for the NFT space, allowing unique items to evolve.
You can double your Mayor passive income with new level. Complete tasks, increase charisma, evolve
and raise your level.
Passive lifetime income
What makes Mayors unique?
Increased user engagement
Your decisions affect the debates' outcomes — use your skill cards to overpower your opponent.
All traits are beneficial and affect the game outcome.
Each element of the Mayor, be it clothes or shoes, gives you unique skills and features impacting gameplay. Make the most of your Mayors' opportunities.
New Gamemode
Take part in debates against other players in a team of 3 Mayors to get even more Vote$. This gamemode isn't just an add-on to the first gamemode but practically a separate game with its own unique mechanics and features:
To provide even more opportunities to use Mayors NFTs, we launched the development of a mobile gamemode built on the card battler mechanics in parallel with developing a web gamemode.
All progress gained while playing the first gamemode is taken into account.
Level up Mayors to get the advantage over your opponents.
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What is Mayors?
Mayors Game is a geolocation economic-political simulator that allows users to become the Mayor of any city all around the world and earn money for it.
How can I participate in the game and earn income?
To participate in the game, you must have Mayors NFTs. In Mayor game we provide our players with a new NFT technology that gives leveling up opportunity for its Mayors NFTs.
You have two ways to earn income in Mayor Game:
  1. Risk type. Take part in election and become a mayor. To take part in election you have to buy votes for ingame token Vote$. Depending on the evolution Stage of your Mayors NFTs, the cost of one vote of an elector may vary.
  2. No risk type. Complete tasks with Mayors NFTs and earn Vote$. That means that your Mayors will complete certain activities and receive Vote$ according to their rarity and evolution Stage.
How do I buy a Mayor NFT?
There are 2 ways to buy a Mayors NFT:
– buy Limo at NFT Drop Event or at the Marketplace. Each Limo has 3 randomly generated Mayors NFTs with different rarity
– buy Mayors NFT at the Marketplace
Can I improve my Mayors NFT?
You can increase the stage of evolution by completing tasks. When selling or transferring to another wallet, the progress of mayors is not reset.
All upgrades are strictly on-chain.
Types of tasks to perform:
– Participate in the election of the mayor of the city N times
– Become the mayor of a city N times
– Become the mayor of one city N times
– Become the mayor of N cities in the same country
– Win an election with no more than 25% of the votes
– Construct a building in the city N times
What is Vote$?
Mayor Game token Vote$ is a ERC-20 token with a fixed supply. Vote$ is used to make purchases on the marketplace, take part in Gameplay and Passive income.
Roadmap and completed milestones
Discord events for Mayors holders
Nft staking for Mayors holders
Business development
Game Launch
Content Updates
Closed Alpha
Discord events
Partnerships set up
Unique airdrops for the community
Game development
Marketplace development
Community development
Publish whitepaper and tokenomics
Set up social media
Launch website
Our Team
Chief Product Officer
Viktor Reiband
Project Lead
Mike Steinbach
Program Manager
Stephan Gershuni
Lead Blockchain Developer
Oliver Wege
Lead Fullstack Developer
Arnold Ganski
Lead Artist
Regina Steinbach
Lead Web Designer
Max Koch
Lead Interface Designer
Claro Rösing
Ilya Novikov
Chief Business Officer